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About Peer Facilitators

What Do The INTERACT Peers Do?

Peers design and facilitate interactive, diversity education workshops for student groups, facilitate diversity dialogues and other intercultural and/or cross-cultural discussions, and advise student leaders. Sometimes the goal is just to help the group to understand and learn with one another better. Other times, groups are experiencing intra/intercultural communication problems and want Peers to help them figure out ways they can overcome those difficulties. The Peers role is not to solve problems, but to help groups solve their own problems and to help develop diversity and multicultural awareness, knowledge and skills through fun, safe and interactive activities.

What are the Benefits of being affiliated with INTERACT?
  • Acquire practical experience facilitating dialogues
  • Help create a welcoming campus community
  • Become more involved with the university community and help your fellow students learn how to meet and interact with new people
  • Build your resume- employers and graduate schools often look for knowledge of and demonstrated experience working with diverse populations
  • Be part of a fun, positive team!
  • Must be committed to being a peer role model and making a positive impact on the UMBC community;
  • Must exhibit strong verbal communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Must be able to able to identify some ways diversity enriches the UMBC community;
  • Must have a demonstrated commitment to building mutual understanding, respect, and civility among all people;
  • Must have and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5;
  • Must be a full-time, matriculating student at UMBC.
Interested in becoming an INTERACT Peer Facilitator?

Contact Emily Melluso with the Vice President for Student Affairs Office ( to learn how to become a peer facilitator!