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The Haven at UMBC

Services at The Haven at UMBC and The Haven at College are suspended at this time. If you need services related to substance abuse and associated disorders, or recovery support, please contact UMBC’s Counseling Center at 410-455-2472. The Center’s hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.; the After-Hours Support Line is available at 410-455-3230.

UMBC is committed to creating a safe, caring, and inclusive culture for recovery and sobriety by:

  • perpetuating a culture of inclusiveness and care that promotes recovery and sobriety and eliminates the stigma around substance use;
  • providing clinical assistance and social support that is relevant to all UMBC students; and
  • honoring the story of each individual related to substance abuse and supporting them in living a new narrative.

The Haven at College is the national provider of treatment services and recovery support that meets college students with substance use and co-occurring disorders where they are.

UMBC has established a partnership with The Haven to offer three innovative programs:

Mentoring and Monitoring
Customizable harm reduction program

peer mentoring and support; weekly individual counseling; drug testing; group support; and parent communication


Outpatient Center
Evidence-based treatment program near campus

safe and relatable space where students meet, grow, recover


Recovery Residence
Peer-led recovery community near campus

live-in peer support, weekly sessions with a clinical addiction counselor, weekly drug and alcohol testing


The Haven at UMBC is an inclusive recovery community welcoming all UMBC students for weekly recovery meetings, recreation, and social events. You do not have to enroll in a Haven program to join this community. All UMBC faculty, staff, alumni, and families are also welcome to attend the weekly student-led recovery meetings (Sundays at 7 p.m.), social events, and mindfulness activities that will be hosted at the Outpatient Center each week. Volunteer opportunities are available. As we grow, part-time paid positions will become available for students who are passionate about this type of work.

Learn more about weekly recovery meetings (open to all UMBC students) at the outpatient center and at UMBC.  Learn more about monthly Friends and Family Support Meetings

Learn more about The Haven at UMBC: Call 888-224-2836 or