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Student Affairs Assessment and Research Committee

Chair: Dr. Kim Miller, Director of Assessment, Research, and Strategic Priorities
Membership: Includes representation for each department

As a group SAARC exists to:

  1. Ensure use of the Student Affairs Learning and Service Outcomes in our practice.
  2. Ensure that the Division of Student Affairs assesses and evaluates programs and services to ensure outcomes measurement and compliance with professional associations and governing bodies.
  3. Serve as the anchor and catalyst for coordinated, purposeful assessment activities that are part of regular operations in UMBC Division of Student Affairs and in alignment with the Division’s Guiding Principles for Assessment.
  4. Ensure that departmental assessment efforts fit the mission, needs, priorities, goals and cultures of the student affairs division and the university.
  5. Perform coordinating and consulting functions within the division for matters related to assessment projects and program reviews.
  6. Function as a learning community that makes recommendations about professional development opportunities related to assessment efforts.
  7. Communicate the process and results of departmental and divisional assessment projects and program reviews and how these were used.
  8. Work with Education Advisory/Student Affairs Leadership Council to a. review results of national research projects, b. determine institutional research projects, c. ensure communication of activities with SALC to the division as a whole.

SAARC members are expected to:

  1. Serve as assessment consultants to staff within the Division of Student Affairs.
  2. Communicate and share information and knowledge about assessment with their department.
  3. Communicate and share ideas, concerns, and issues related to assessment that emerge in their departments with other SAARC members
  4. Encourage wide participation in assessment activities.
  5. Serve as resources to those within their departments who are implementing assessment projects and program reviews.
  6. Serve on research teams for identified projects.
  7. Serve on and contribute to the SAARC subcommittee as assigned.
  8. Contribute brief written summaries of departmental assessment results and ongoing projects for assessment e-newsletters created by SAARC.
  9. Design and implement a half day assessment/research forum for the Divison of Student Affairs.