Freedom of Speech and Expression at UMBC

UMBC bullhorn with speech bubble stating Use Your Voice

UMBC is an institution that values inclusive excellence and encourages the thoughtful exchange of ideas. This page offers resources on how to use your voice and engage with the campus community in ways that uphold our community values, align with legal guidelines and university policies and practices, and honor everyone’s right to freedom of expression.

How will you use your voice?

I’m interested in organizing a peaceful assembly or expressive activity on campus.

The safety of all UMBC community members is one of our highest priorities. If you host an assembly, please note that participants are not to block normal footpaths into and out of adjacent buildings. These represent important evacuation routes in the event of an emergency.

  • Scheduled events and activities have priority. You may be asked to relocate if you are occupying a reserved space. To determine availability, view 25Live, our campus-wide event scheduling platform, or contact ECS.
  • The use of amplified sound is only available during times that don’t interfere with normal university operations. For more information, contact ECS (
  • To organize an event in a space on campus, make a reservation in 25Live, our campus-wide event scheduling platform. For questions on how to access and use 25Live, contact ECS. Our staff will help you identify a suitable space and other resources to help you organize and execute a successful activity.
  • For detailed information related to event management and space at UMBC, review the UMBC Policy on Facilities Use.
  • For detailed information on marketing and advertising at UMBC, contact commonvision, UMBC Design and Print Center.

I’m interested in distributing information on campus.

I’m interested in engaging in thoughtful conversations about challenging topics with other students.

Engaging in thoughtful discussion is the foundation of a healthy community and can be challenging, especially when we have different opinions about issues. Effective communication requires active listening and mindful inquiry, and benefits from techniques for interrupting the biases we each hold.

  • INTERACT, a cohort experience for first-year students designed to help students develop the skills to engage in difficult dialogue across differences.
  • Center for Democracy and Civic Life events provide opportunities for participants to listen deeply and compassionately to each other to foster a humane campus culture that values agency and real connections.

Helpful Resources

If you would like to learn about additional opportunities and alternatives for using your voice, contact us! We’d love to hear from you.