Inclusion and Civic Engagement

Student Affairs is committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of the campus community. We value safety; diversity of thought, background and ability; social responsibility; lifelong learning; equity; and civic engagement.

Center for Democracy and Civic Life

The Center for Democracy and Civic Life helps people develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to create healthy communities and tackle challenges together. Their work builds from the premise that civic life encompasses everyday settings and relationships through which people can generate the power to shape their world.

Initiatives for Identity, Inclusion, and Belonging (i3b)

i3b is committed to empowering all UMBC students and staff to be culturally conscious and informed members of our community. A safe and inclusive space for students and staff of all backgrounds, i3b strives to develop innovative programs and initiatives that celebrate cultural diversity, equality, and social justice. Students have the opportunity to meet, worship, discuss, and celebrate their individual or collective faith and belief systems with a variety of religious and spiritual campus organizations.

Campus Partners

Center for Global Engagement (CGE)

CGE is dedicated to supporting and facilitating global academic initiatives by advancing the international exchange of students, scholars and faculty and by providing leadership in intercultural learning through study abroad. CGE provides activities, services and advising for study abroad students, international students, international faculty, researchers and scholars.

Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI)

OEI is responsible for promoting and coordinating the University’s core values of inclusive excellence, equity, and diversity. OEI has primary responsibility for managing UMBC’s efforts related to Title IX as well as other civil rights issues, including discrimination, harassment, hate and bias.

OEI’s confidential reporting form: to report or initiate referral related to sexual misconduct, discrimination, or bias impacting or involving UMBC students, employees, faculty, staff, interns, affiliates, contractors, volunteers, and visitors.

Student Disability Services (SDS)

SDS provides resources to students with disabilities, as well as those with temporarily disabling conditions and injuries, that may require accommodations in order to have equal access and full participation in all of UMBC’s programs, services, and activities.