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Mission Statement

Preparing You For Success

The Division of Student Affairs facilitates learning and prepares students for success in our multi-cultural and increasingly global society and workforce.

We accomplish our mission by:

  • providing and co-creating programs, services, systems, facilities and environments that foster learning and personal development.
  • collaborating with and facilitating relationships between students and among students, faculty, staff and others from the university and community to integrate curricular and co- curricular experiences.
  • leveraging the expertise within student affairs to assist faculty, staff and students in areas of strength such as interpersonal and cultural competence; civic engagement, community and leadership development; workforce and career development; public health and safety.


Through the programs, services, scholarship, and practice of Student Affairs staff members, our participating graduates will be prepared to:

  • Lead examined, ethical, caring, and fulfilling personal and professional lives,
  • Contribute their best strengths and responsible membership to their communities, and
  • Provide effective leadership in business, government, education, and the myriad settings in which they will be engaged.