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Standards of Service


We will consistently develop, deliver, and maintain services, programs, and facilities in a manner that establishes the emotional and physical safety of the University community as our most imperative concern.

Learning and Development

We will actively support the continual process of acquiring, integrating, and applying knowledge for the holistic growth of our students, other constituents, ourselves, and in the delivery of our services.


We will consider the socio-cultural and historical contexts of all University community members when developing our programs, policies, and services.


We will act, individually and collectively, in ways that seek to actively understand the perspective of our many students and constituents and will actively demonstrate the values of compassion, empathy, and beneficence.


We will be accessible to work effectively and collaboratively with students and other constituents in a timely fashion to develop and provide services that meet identified needs.


We will model a commitment to serving constituents effectively and efficiently by displaying appropriate behaviors, attitudes, and appearances that communicate integrity, competence, credibility, and preserve the dignity of those with whom we interact.

Finalized 3.01/Accepted 7.03/Revised 11.05

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